Alpe Cimbra on mountain bike

Alpe Cimbra bike is Trentino closest to you, ideal holiday for you who loves the two pedal wheels. Paths for both the most experienced and the ones who try to experience breathtaking experiences. The breathtaking scenery of the Alpe characterizes these experiences. Bike Experience, Bike Chalets, Mtb E-Bike, Bike Friendly Lake, Bike Hotels all within your reach!


Millegrobbe-Forte-Lusern-mappa-dislivello-hotelvezzena-alpecimbraMalga Millegrobbe. On the fields, there are the cows with their cowbells, which remember us that we are in the hearth of the area of the cheese Vezzena, well known in Trentino. Here in the old Alpine cottage a special place to pamper oneself in the sauna or having a massage. Here we are in the territory of the cimbrian, Lusérn is closed and all tell us about the «Cimbarn»: a culture and a language miraculously survived during the centuries. Here it is very interesting to visit the trench, also for the Trekking Bikers. And then… go to the Forte Lusérn, our destination, a fortress which could tell us about the 28 may 1915, when, under the fire of the Italian army, had to show the white flag…

Difficulty: Medium  /  Duration: 15 min  /  Length: 2,4 km  /  Maximum altitude: 1540 m  /  Difference in height: 127 m  /  Difference in descent: 3 m  /  Family-friendly route: Medium  /  Length for E-Bike: Short

841-100 KM DEI FORTI

100km-dei-Forti-mappa-hotelvezzena-alpecimbraThe 100 Km dei Forti is an important and well-known MTB competition, with its 100 km of climb and descent through dirty roads and paths throughout the seven fortress of the First Word War. You can make this permanent parkour always, not only during the competition. One thing is sure: it is a strong MTB-excursion but one of the beautiful in Trentino. There are kilometers and kilometers of emotions; between wide panoramas, climb and descent, passing through the Bike Chalet dell’Alpe Cimbra, reference points, even in case of a breakdown.


Difficulty: Very challenging  /  Duration: 8,15 ore  /  Length: 104,6 km  /  Maximum altitude: 1666 m  /  Difference in height: 3153 m  /  Difference in descent: 3150 m  /  Length for E-Bike: Long - needing to recharge  /  Percorso ad anello



Mappa-Percorso-AlpeCimbra-Tour-hotelvezzena-alpecimbraA long MTB tour, from the mountains of the Alpe to the valley floor. Then... Up to the mountain, even if it is hard! From Luserna/Lusérn, passing through the wood of Lavarone, you can reach Carbonare, then Centa, until Caldonazzo, in Valsugana. From here go up to the Alpe Cimbra along the street “strada del Menador”, well known in Trentino, with an amazing panorama on the seas. What about this propose? In Luserna the Agritur Galeno is a perfect reference point, not only to sleep, but also to tasting the local cimbrian cuisine!


Difficulty: Very challenging  /  Duration: 5 ore  /  Length: 63,8 km  /  Maximum altitude: 1524 m  /  Difference in height: 2293 m  /  Difference in descent: 2178 m  /  Percorso ad anello


Tour-dei-Forti-mappa-dislivello-hotelvezzena-alpecimbraThis is the MTB excursion along the fortress of the First World War, a hard but a valid excursion. If you are not enough trained, it is better make it with an electric mountain bike (e-MTB). Wonderful is the panorama from the fortress Dosso delle Somme to the mount Pasubio, to the deep Val di Terragnolo and to the Brenta Dolomites, to the fortress Sommo alto, Folgaria and to the Val Orsara. A long and panoramic MTB excursion, which authorized you to have a break to the mountain hut Rifugio Baita Tonda, the Osteria Coe, the restaurant La Stua or the mountain hut Rifugio Stella d’Italia…! It is hard to choose between such fine specialties


Difficulty: Challenging  /  Duration: 1,35 ore  /  Length: 20,7 km  /  Maximum altitude: 1662 m  /  Difference in height: 631 m  /  Difference in descent: 629 m  /  Length for E-Bike: Short  /  Percorso ad anello


100km-dei-forti-lavarone-mappa-hotelvezzena-alpecimbraThis is a part of the spectacular ring of the 100 Km dei Forti (an important and well-known MTB competition) in the area of Lavarone. It is an itinerary through beautiful places in the hearth of the Alpe Cimbra and the Trentino, for example from Slaghenaufi. It is funny to get down from the wood of the Tablat and the passo Cost to the Forte Belvedere, the fortress-museum. It is exciting the route around the lake of Lavarone, even around the mount Rust and… last but not least the climb to the old observatory of the Austro-Hungarian Army, where you can direct your gaze far away…


Difficulty: Challenging  /  Duration: 2 ore  /  Length: 23,6 km  /  Maximum altitude: 1367 m  /  Difference in height: 739 m  /  Difference in descent: 717 m  /  Length for E-Bike: Short  /  Percorso ad anello


Lusérn-Virgo-Maria-Millegrobbe-mappa-dislivello-hotelvezzena-alpecimbraThe Tannbolt is a gloomy wood, that we have to cross, but in Lusern the people tell that we have to worry about it, at most we will meet some sprites, who peek at the mushrooms hunter. Just go with our MTB and take the risk to go in the cimbrian forest, we will pass trough also grazing lands. On the peak of Virgo Maria let us have a pit stop to the Baito del Neff, knowing a real cimbrian, Flavio and then… Continue to Malga Millegrobbe, today a well-known resort on the mountain. Now we are at the end of our MTB-excursion, after the fortress Lusérn, witness of the First World War, we go back to Lusern. For a while, we will pass through the Sentiero dell’Immaginario cimbro (Cimbrian path of the imagination), one the most beautiful in Trentino! Don’t you are curious?

Difficulty: Medium  /  Duration: 1 ora  /  Length: 12,3 km  /  Maximum altitude: 1579 m  /  Difference in height: 407 m  /  Difference in descent: 410 m /  Family-friendly route: Challenging  /  Length for E-Bike: Short  /  Percorso ad anello